Internet Presence

The presence on the Internet is crucial for your business and for your personal brand today. People are looking for solutions to their problems in the social networks and in the search sites like Google and Bing. If you, your company, your product or your services are not there – it means that you don’t exist.

What Does Internet Presence Mean?

It means that you and your business must be found in all major internet channels: in the social networks, in the search results and on the most popular sites in your niche.

A Face in the Social Networks

Your brand must have personal or business profile in the most popular and relevant social networks. It means personal profile for you as a person, company page for the company and product pages for your product or services. You must publish regularly information that is useful to your audience and engage as much people as possible in the conversations. You don’t have to create profiles in all possible social networks – only in those where there are the biggest and the most active fan base. Here we can help you in:

  1. defining where are your most active and most loyal fans
  2. defining the overall marketing strategy in the social networks
  3. define the information which has to be shared via your public profiles and creating a plan to manage thos publications
  4. developing a strategy to attract more fans and to convert the fans into loyal customers.

A Web Site Loved by the Visitors and the Search Engines

In order to be found, indexed and listed in the search results, you must have a web site. And your web site must be useful to your visitors. Creating a web site is not the next fashion, it is the way to be distinguished from your competition and to show to your customers your unique value proposition. Your web site is integral part of your marketing strategy and it must be synchronized with that strategy. Here our consultants can help you:

  1. to clarify your specific requirements to the web site
  2. to define your requirements to the web agency which is going to develop your web site and to select the most appropriate one
  3. to manage the execution of the development project in order to achieve the result you expect in timely fashion and within the budged you define
  4. to write a compelling content which is useful to the visitor of the web site
  5. to position your site on the top of the search results.

And Even More!

You can increase the popularity of your brand by participating in affiliate programs or by guest-posting in other sites or by making other web site owners and bloggers write about your products or services in their sites. Contact us to discuss together how we can help you make your brand the rock star of your niche!

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