Website Audits and Analyses

Your company’s website is your company’s face to the public. What you say, how you look, what useful information you provide there represents the company’s attitude to their customers. The design, the contents and the usability of your website are crucial factors of how the visitors perceive your company, your products and services.

Our consulting services are targeted towards existing websites, for which we do different kinds of audits, and towards new websites that you want to develop, for which we make different kinds of analyses, requirements gathering and specifications. Here is the list of all our consulting services regarding websites:

Audits of existing websites:

  • Usability audit – how well new visitors can understand what this website is about, how fast can they find the information they need and how fast they can use the services you provide on the website
  • SEO audit – how well is the content written, how well are linked the pages internally and how good are the incoming links to the website
  • Is the website well-designed so the users can navigate easily and to read the text without embarrassment

Development of new websites:

  • Analysis of the business processes in the company so the functionality of the website to fit perfectly to your company business line
  • Analysis of the marketing strategy of the company so the website to be aligned with it
  • Gathering the requirements for the content and the functionality of the new website
  • Development of Request for proposal (RFP) for the web agencies who are going to develop the website and defining criteria for selecting those agencies

Your website is the focal point of your potential and your current users’ attention. Don’t compromise the quality of this asset! Contact us to use the knowledge and the experience of our experts in creating a website that attracts many visitors and makes them loyal fans and customers.

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